We believe the children are our future and we strive to shape that future in a positive light.

As much as we would all like to think that life is full of nothing but happiness and smiles, we know that this simply isn’t the case. Life throws curve balls, and those curve balls can have a lasting impact; particularly on our youth. However, just because life may pitch you a curve ball, that doesn’t mean that you have to strike out.

At Guiding The Future Inc, we believe that even the toughest of situations can be made better with the right encouragement, support and guidance, and that is exactly what we do through our youth outreach services in Chicago, IL.

We work with children, teens and young adults who face struggles in their life. At Guiding The Future Inc, our mission is to let these individuals know that while they may have experienced tough time, they don’t have to shape your entire future.

Our mentors are dedicated to helping the youth of Chicago find the silver lining in any situation, assisting them in learning valuable lessons that come from trials and tribulations and using those lessons to do good.

For nearly a decade, we have been shaping Chicago’s youth with our youth outreach services and we are so happy to say that we have helped to make a tremendous impact on individuals who may have otherwise made wrong turns and gone down dark roads. We have built up those who feel like they have been knocked down. We have taught those who have been pitched a curve ball learn how to not only hit it, but turn it into a homerun.

All it takes is a little care and compassion to change a person’s life forever. At Guiding The Future Inc, care and compassion is our forte and our passion. See how we can make a difference in you or a loved one today!

Guiding The Future Inc

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