We believe the children are our future and we strive to shape that future in a positive light.

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Our youth is important. They are our future, and they will ultimately determine the future of our global society. They key to making sure that our global society is in good hands is simple: Shape today’s youth so that we have a brighter tomorrow.

At Guiding The Future Inc, we notice that far too many youth are not receiving encouragement, support and positive role models, all things that have a huge impact on the way young minds are shaped and how they learn to adapt, cope and react. We also know how challenging it can be for parents and guardians to find the time that is needed to provide their children with the encouragement, support and guidance that they need to develop into positive and dynamic individuals. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you!

Guiding The Future Inc is a community organization and our main objective is to help mentor young children so that they can become positive and influential members of society who will positively shape the future.

When children are enrolled in our program, they will receive a wealth of information, guidance and support in a positive and caring environment. We help to mentor and shape young minds by offering the following programs and tools:

  • Educational tutoring
  • Life skills
  • Mentor training
  • Bully prevention
  • Gang intervention with assistance from the police department
For 8 years, we have been working with the youth of Chicago, and in those 8 years, we are happy to report that we have noticed quite a difference in our city’s youth – and in our city’s young adults.

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