We believe the children are our future and we strive to shape that future in a positive light.

Let us provide your child with the opportunities that he or she needs to thrive in the future.

Welcome to Guiding The Future Inc

Welcome to Guiding The Future Inc, a place where young minds are shaped to become the future leaders of our communities.

At Guiding The Future Inc, we believe that our youth is quite literally our future, and we believe that an investment in our youth is an investment in our future. To that end, we have made it our mission to provide the leaders of tomorrow with the skills and strategies that they will need in order to successfully shape and guide our communities in the future.

At Guiding The Future Inc, we believe that each child has the possibility to make a huge impact on the future; however, we have noticed that all too often, the younger generations aren’t provided with the tools that they need to become successful leaders. It is for that very reason that we have decided to take it upon ourselves to provide today’s youth with the skills, strategies and tools that they need to become tomorrow’s successful leaders.  

How do we shape our youth and help them become successful leaders for the future? It’s actually pretty simple: We provide our youth with the positive guidance and leadership that they need in order to become the best that they can be. We do this while providing them with the resources that are needed in order to be successful.

When the youth of Chicago, IL come to Guiding The Future Inc, they will have a well-rounded and positive experience, gaining the tools that will teach them to become successful individuals in the future.

The future of Chicago is in the hands of our youth, and our future will be a bright one, thanks to Guiding The Future Inc.

Guiding The Future Inc

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